Cost, schedule, quality and safety are the pillars of our approach to construction. We are linked very early to our design partner to make sure estimators, project managers and superintendents understand not only the “how”, but the “why”.

During any project’s initial phase, long before any dirt has been moved on the site, we are working alongside the architects and engineers to provide critical cost and constructability analysis. Upon design completion, most projects are assigned a full-time project superintendent and project manager. We use the latest technical tools to monitor and report on adherence to schedule, safety, cost control and conformance with the construction documents.

During construction, project meetings with the owner and subcontractors occur on a weekly basis. After construction is complete, we work hard to ensure the owner is an efficient expert in operating all of the newly constructed systems and equipment, ensuring minimum ongoing life cycle operation cost.

From small projects to award-winning projects over $40 million, GL Barron Construction, Inc., has solutions to match your budget.