Using this process means that the owner selects the architect and contractor together as a team. In this method, the owner takes advantage of the collaboration of the architect and contractor working together before, during and after construction to meet the owner’s needs.


An architect is hired and completes the design process without contractor involvement. The architect and owner put the documents out to contractors for bidding. The bids and contract are on a “lump sum” basis and the selection criteria is typically price-based.

Construction Manager at Risk

Using this delivery method, the contractor is selected early in the process based on qualifications and at times also on fee. The contractor is heavily involved in the design, leading the team to consider budget, schedule, alternate systems and materials in order to meet the owner’s needs. Under this method, the contractor holds the subcontracts and works within a Guaranteed Maximum Price after the design is complete.

Construction Manager Agency

This method is similar to CM@Risk except that the owner holds all of the subcontracts. This requires the owner to shoulder most of the risk involved in a construction project.

Program Management

GL•Barron represents the owner by looking at long-range goals and processes. We can hire design, engineering, and contracting professionals on the owner’s behalf to insure a desired final outcome.

Design Assist

We can negotiate contracts with major subcontractors early in the design process and have them assist the architect and engineers with the design, making it cost efficient in the short and long term.