The Barron Process

Every great project is usually guided by an excellent process.

At Barron, we understand the client needs a simple, but proven process to harness the strength of collective leadership to create the Owner’s unique story.

The Barron Process includes interaction with highly collaborative team members including the Owners Representatives, Designers, Engineers, Consultants and Building Team members.

At Barron, we also know that integral to project success is the alignment of Financial and Capital Campaign experts in the five step process as visually shown below:

Step 1: Visioning

Visioning should always start with questions. These questions should explore the interaction between the historical trends and the future opportunities.

Visioning ends with inserting these broad concepts into a proven spreadsheet matrix developed by Barron to show future spacial needs and their individual cost per square foot impact in each part of the business.

  • Assessment
  • Financial Ability
  • Programming

Step 2: Feasibility

Feasibility extracts the broad concepts, initial programming cost exercise and known financial boundaries. Only then do we apply design concepts and special parameters.
Focusing first on the architectural Charrette, the Barron process integrates specific site constraints guided by in-house civil engineers. Concept design documents are then developed, aligning with the financial capabilities.
A conceptual pricing estimate is completed at this stage with the opportunity to break-out alternative options for future consideration.

  • Charrette
  • Site Constraint Review
  • Financial Alignment
  • Concept Design
  • Conceptual Pricing (PDE)
  • Phasing Options

Step 3: Architecture

Research shows that good design can enhance the success of a business.
At this step, financial capabilities have been reviewed, site constraints have been adapted now Barron Designers, Consultants and Engineers finalize the details. Barron continues to provide state-of-the-art 3D design modeling as a part of its process for easy viewing and continual review.
A final guaranteed maximum price is established using local subcontractors and vendors with an established and open bidding process to benefit the business.

  • Design Development
  • Building Details
  • Material Selections
  • Consultant Integration
  • Final Pricing (GMP)

Step 4: Construction

Once construction starts, Barron’s team of qualified personnel works to execute the intent of the contract documents while managing Subcontractor and Vendor performance along with continual financial control.
A great construction process also incorporates consistent Owner and Subcontractor meetings to review all alignment issues, production schedules and safety concerns.

  • Groundbreaking
  • Subcontractor Management
  • Safety Management
  • Coordination Meetings

Step 5: Commissioning

Just because the project is ready to occupy doesn’t mean we’re complete.
Prior to the Grand Opening, Barron and the many systems personnel will educate and present the staff the various operating procedures. Commissioning requires that you, as the Owner, are fully aware of the unique qualities your project contains.
Barron personnel will continue to educate and present the staff the various operating procedures. We will continue to win your recommendation through diligent warranty and call back management.

  • Punchlist
  • Systems Education
  • Commissioning
  • Grand Opening
  • Warranty Management