Boundary Surveys

Barron Energy Services, LP uses the latest in special survey technology to quickly and accurately define boundaries.  Our Trimble R8-4 systems are state of the art equipment that allows our crews to instantaneously migrate information from the field to the office. 

GIS Mapping

Barron energy utilizes Geographic Information Systems software to map pipelines. The advantages of GIS mapping include easy integration across multiple platforms and the ability to map on a large scale.

Gas and Oil Well Location Surveys:

Barron Energy Services, LP follows Texas Railroad Commission guidelines and standards in surveying the existing lease, staking the well locations and creating plats for the permitting process. 

Topographic Surveys:

Balancing soils effectively requires accurate estimates of existing terrain qualities.  Barron Energy Services, LP has the advantage of combining field surveys to efficient engineering plans for the determination of above and below ground obstacles, utilities and structures.  Our experienced Engineers can also assist in hydrology, platting, permitting, pipeline placement and all transmission needs.

Horizontal Direction Drill Profiles:

Barron Energy Services, LP will create down hole “as drilled” plats from existing data provided by the drilling Operator.  We provide information that defines the surface hole, the upper and lower perforation points and the bottom hole locations.  BES will ensure that the client is compliance ready for lease comparisons. 

Pipeline Route Surveys:

Barron Energy Services, LP provides “as-built” pipeline surveys in addition to assisting the clients with staking and surveying new pipeline easements.  BES also provides pipeline determinates for elevations of each weld, joint, drops and all other compliance issues.


  • State-of-the-art Trimble GPS equipment and software
  • Continuously trained field personnel
  • Drawings produced with latest version of AutoCAD
  • All plats, easements and exhibits vigorously checked through a final QC process
  • Quality and accuracy for a prompt delivery to meet your schedule
  • GIS mapping to ensure accurate data

RR Commission Permit Plats

  • Vertical Oil Wells
  • Oils and Gas Horizontal Wells
  • As-Drill Well Plats
  • Asset Distribution Percentage Plats
  • Water Well Permitting and staking
  • Salt Water Disposal Injection Wells
  • Staking and Permitting
  • Pad Staking and Topos for Pre-Construction
  • Develop and Topo Tank Battery Locations

Additional Services

  • Route Development Stake/Preparation of Easement Documents and Right-of-Way for variety of services, including salt water disposal and road staking
  • Design and staking for frac tanks
  • Volume calculation to set gauges in tank
  • Waterline staking from water source to tank and tank to well for well fracking